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9/13/04 > Parent Forum
Casa Grande's monthly parent forum will begin this Thursday (9-16). The purpose of this evening is to provide an opportunity for a dialogue between the principal and the Casa Grande Community. The evening is meant to be informal giving parents an opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, or simply meet with the principal. The meeting will be in the school library from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M.
8/23/04 > Welcome to the 2004/2005 School Year
A new year is upon us and we are looking forward to reacquainting ourselves with our returning students as well as meeting a new freshman class. As you can see from the new teachers section of this page, we have had a busy summer. We have hired seventeen new teachers and still are hoping to hire three more. We are very pleased with all of these teachers and I'm sure you will be also.

As we begin this first week of school, I am looking forward to a great 2004-2005 school year. With the outstanding staff and wonderful student body we have here at Casa, I am sure it will be.
8/23/04 > New Web Page

As you can see we have created a new web page that we hope you find valuable. Most of our teachers spent the Monday morning staff development day on August 23rd creating a their teacher page within the Casa Grande web site. We hope you visit our site often to find out what is happening at Casa Grande. Some of the sections are still in the construction phase but we hope to develop them soon. Our intent for this Web Site is to improve communication with our parent and business community. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them with us.
8/21/04 > Casa Grande High School New Teachers


The Casa Grande High School community is happy to announce the addition of many new and returning teachers after a summer of busy hiring.

Some of the returning hires are Vanessa Hauswald and Heather McMurray in English, Sharon Roberts-Cagle in Physical Education, and Michael Bookman who will be returning to the Science department. Most of the new additions to our staff include:

David Meirick Art
Kate Brickley Drama
Marty Hogue English
Jennifer Little English
John Wedge Math
Scott Wigert Math
JoannaMartin Physical Education
Sally Labioda Resource Specialist
Mary Lou Thomas Resource Specialist
Kit Mayberry Science
Earl Chamberlin Spanish








Additional new hires will be posted on our website as soon as they arrive. Most of the new hires are pictured below.

While you are here visit our teacher websites to learn more about them and their classes by clicking on the departments link on the top of this page and selecting the specific department you want once the new page opens.
Or click here now: Departments

Scroll down the page to see recent student activities on campus.

Thank you for visiting!
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8/20/04 > David Merick, Art Teacher

8/20/04 > Kate Brickley, Drama Teacher

8/20/04 > Vanessa Hauswald, English Teacher

8/20/04 > Heather McMurray, English Teacher

8/20/04 > Jennifer Little, English Teacher

8/20/04 > Marty Hogue, English Teacher
Coming Soon!
8/20/04 > John Wedge, Math Teacher

8/20/04 > Scott Wigert, Math Teacher

8/19/04 > Joanna Martin, Physical Education Teacher

8/19/04 > Sharon Roberts Cagle, Physical Education Teacher

8/18/04 > Sally Labioda, Resource Specialist Teacher

8/18/04 > Mary Lou Thomas, Resource Specialist Teacher

8/18/04 > Kit Mayberry, Science Teacher
Coming Soon!
8/17/04 > Earl Chamberlin, Spanish Teacher

8/17/04 > Barbara Burgess, Student Teacher

8/15/04 > Color Guard!

8/15/04 > Band Camp Summer 2004

8/15/04 > Band Camp Summer 2004

8/14/04 > Leadership Students Selling Student Supplies

8/14/04 > Registration 2004-2005 School Year